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MBL Innovations, stands for Maurice and Brenda LeBlanc,and was established in 1993 under the name of MBL Enterprises In 2003 we relocated to Northeast Tennessee and re-incorporated as MBL Innovations, Inc. Prior to the release of the GL1800 our product line was focused around performance enhancements for the GL1500 GoldWing. 

In 2002 we purchased the Tour Performance Product Line for the GL1500 from Heli Moified, and continued with a focus on performance improvements for the GL1500 and GL1800 GoldWings. We were vendors on the Rally circuit from 1993 - 2008 when we got off the road due to the poor economy and continuing rise in vendor fees. 

In 2012 we have expanded our product line to include products for the Can Am Spyder,, ,, All our products are made in the USA. We try to compete with manufactures who manufacture across the pond, but quite honestly most of the time we cannot. We order in small quantities, less than 100 units so volume discounts do not apply. 

Over the years we have been praised for the quality of our products and our customer service.

908 Yount Town Rd
THORN HILL, TN 37881-5253

Phone: (423) 231-9550