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MBL Handlebar Risers
Raises the Handlebar 3/4", brings them 1 3/8" closer to the Rider and keeps the stock width.

GL 1800 Handlebar Adapter Kit 1803W Version


Gold Wings have long been considered the pinnacle of comfort as far as motorcycles go, but many riders find that the handlebar positioning requires too much of a reach to allow them to ride for long stretches without causing discomfort. The MBL Handlebar Adapters change the positioning of your stock handlebars. Two versions are available - both bring the bars up 3/4" and back toward you. Most riders 5' 10" and under also find that the span is too wide, so the standard MBL setup also narrows the span of the grips by 2-1/4". Taller riders with longer arms may be comfortable with the span, so a version that just moves the bars up and back without narrowing the span is also available. These subtle changes can make a long ride much more comfortable, and reduce stress on the neck, wrists and back.

The kit includes two CNC-machined spacers and all necessary hardware to complete the installation. Your stock cabling (throttle, brake, etc.) are not altered, and provide enough slack to make this modification. Some minor cutting of the top fork clamp's plastic cover is needed (this is a hidden piece so extreme precision isn't critical). Price includes S & H to the lower 48.

Installation is available at many rallies. Contact Freedoms Choice for Rally Schedule & appointments at 419 423-6600 or email
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